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About us

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We are not the greatest company nor we want to become the greatest, but we have an excellent quality/price ratio!

We are small family company with 35 workers and our main goal is to produce quality and functional machines for farmers. We are improving our products daily in a way to accomplish clients needs and to provide better value for the money.

We are producing agriculture sprayers almost 20 years, but from 10 years ago we are recognized as a reliable partner in agriculture sector. It took time to mature and now we can freely say that we have a wide range of sprayers that can meet small and large farmers.

We are a small, but our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to customer requirements, but also to technological changes in agriculture. It’s a guarantee that our customers will have access to technology that can help them to make their production profitable and efficient.

And we are only humans and we make a mistakes, but we always admit our mistakes and we will correct them as soon as possible.

Why choose us:

  • a wide range of sprayers which are adapted to your needs and abilities
  • single customer approach and offer adjusted to customer requirements and abilities (time and finance)
  • quality/price value is on your side
  • our products are delivered to the address of the customers
  • different colour combinations are available so your tractor and sprayer will be very fashion

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