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Ultrasound sensor spraying system

3 January 2012 » Posjeta stranici:8,506

Ultrasound sensor spraying system becomes more and more popular. Main advantage is a possibility to avoid empty spaces in orchards (between trees). With ultrasound sensor spraying system you’re able to reduce chemical product costs, but also very important benefit is to keep an operator focused on driving a tractor!


There are two available ultrasound sensor systems:

  • basic single-row system
  • advanced single-row/double-row system

Basic single row system is completely automatic. Advanced system provides also a manual spraying option if you don’t need ultrasound sensor detection (manual spraying system). Advanced system provides also a possiblity to have two detection zones (tree height difference, bottom and upper zone).

Main feature of both system is solenoid control unit – provides very quick spraying action regarding to the tree detection.

Basic single-row system

Graphic instalation diagram:


Advanced single-row/double-row system

Graphic instalation diagram:

Prošireno senzorsko prskanjeMonitor BRAVO 130

Detection zones possibility:

Zone detekcije