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Announcement: Herbicide sprayer in vineyards and orchards

31 December 2011 » Posjeta stranici:8,368

Spraying of herbicide zone in vineyards and orchards

The tendency and trends to reduce a number of passes through vineyard or orchard and general need for cost-savings bring us to a product for a spraying herbicide zone simultaneously with mistblower spraying process.

Machine uses an electric pump as a general drive and power and it’s own separate tank (100-200 lt). There a couple of boom available:

  • a standard one with manual height and width adjusting
  • hidraulic models for lifting up and down and horizontal width adjusting
  • vertical tilt adjusting also available

There are two nozzles on each side with the ability to skew an end-nozzle if needed.

Boom width availability:

  • min. 210 – max. 270 cm
  • min. 250 – max. 310 cm
  • min. 310 – max. 370 cm

Complete unit is mounted on a front side of the tractor (front linkage or a fixed mount) and control unit is placed in tractor cabin.

General presentation would be in March 2012. on the exhibition in Bjelovar.

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