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Testing: Front tank for carried sprayers

22 June 2011 » Posjeta stranici:6,401

At the beginning of 2011. we announced a development of front tank for carried sprayers. Today, we want to inform you about release of testing machine.

A few important words about front tank and it’s functionallity:

  • available tank capacities: 500 and 1000 lt
  • transfer of liquid is done by 12V electric pump (control box to start or stop the pump, potentiometer to control the flow rate)
  • front tank can be connected to the chemical induction hopper (chemical mixer) – to prepare the mixture for main tank and front tank at the same time
  • coupling: standard coupling at tractor’s front hydraulic system or coupling to the middle frame (if tractor doesn’t have front hydraulic system)
  • option: digital flowmeter to control the total transfered liquid and current flow rate (lt/min)

We would like to make all necessary improvements in next 30 days and to start official sales until end of July 2011.

Also, we would like to thank AGRO-EL company (Nino and Leo Herman) for helping us in testing front tank and also for patience in improving the whole machine.


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