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Trailed mistblowers 600 – 3000 lt

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Trailed mistblowers are suitable for fruit plantation (orchards, vineyards, olive grove). Main advantages in comparison to mounted mistblowers are larger capacities (working autonomy) and smaller tractor power requirements.


Our trailed mistblower models are adapted to EU technical requirements which means there are 3 tanks (main tank, system-washing tank and hand-washing tank).

Tank capacity

Available tank capacities: 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 lt.

Control units

We are able to provide you a manual control unit as a standard equipment. To make human works more comfortable and to save human health we are offering electric control unit which is operated through small control box. Control box allow to control main valve, left and right side and pressure valve, all from a tractor cabin.

Next generation of electric control unit is wireless electric control unit and we are able to offer this solution.

Our advice for advanced users is computer operated control unit. Main advantage of computerized control unit is automatic spray rate (consumption) which can be set before you start spraying and can be change during spraying process. Spray rate is depending on vehicle speed and spraying pressure.

Spraying unit

We prefer to choose optimal spraying unit design together with clients regarding client’s needs and requests. Spraying units wings can be adjusted in 3 positions which provide you a different spraying power. The most important features to choose optimal spraying unit are:

  • requests for spraying height and width
  • requests for spraying air power (m3/h)
  • tractor HP

Our spraying units are able to:

  • provide spraying height from 4,5 up to 9 mt
  • provide spraying width from 5,5 up to 20 mt
  • provide spraying power from 26200 up to 73440 m3/h
  • fan units dimensions from 550 up to 913 mm


For all our models we are using Comet APS pumps. APS pump is a diaphragm pump (3 diaphragms). Pump delivery (lt/min) depends on power of spraying unit and a number of nozzles. Usually, we are mounting following pump models:

  • APS 71 lt/min
  • APS 101 lt/min
  • APS 141 lt/min


Nozzles holders are rotating and they have two different types of nozzles on each holder. We are able to supply with many different typres of nozzles, depends on required delivery (consumption).

Chassis and axle

Adjustable axle width. Wheels dimensions we are using:

  • 10.0/75×15,3
  • 12.5/80×15,3
  • 400/60×15,5

Corrosion protection

All metal parts (chassis and small parts) are protected by termic powder painting. Spraying unit is galvanized and delivery tubes on spraying unit are made from INOX.



Vuceni atomizer 1000



Brochure: Trailed mistblower (2185)
26200 – 73440 m3/h