Modeli prskalica

3. February 2012.
Trailed mistblower 1500 PROFI

We released a new model of trailer mistblower (orchard and vineyard sprayer) as a result of suggestions and critics of our current and potential clients. Our main goal was to design and build a machine for advanced and professional users who are expecting the best machine perfomances.
Many thanks to all of our clients who helped us with suggestions and giving us a hint how to improve details to have better spraying application and to reach better price/quality ratio and also max. economic benefits from the machine.

27. December 2011.
Mistblowers for walnuts and hazelnuts spraying

Walnuts and hazelnuts spraying is very specific spraying process and requires a specific spraying machine. Most important technical requirements are spraying height and width and especially air power and capacity (m3/h). For this purpose we create and offer a specific blower units which can reach a spraying height of 7-8 meters.

28. January 2009.

Technology of spraying.