3. February 2012.
Trailed mistblower 1500 PROFI

We released a new model of trailer mistblower (orchard and vineyard sprayer) as a result of suggestions and critics of our current and potential clients. Our main goal was to design and build a machine for advanced and professional users who are expecting the best machine perfomances.
Many thanks to all of our clients who helped us with suggestions and giving us a hint how to improve details to have better spraying application and to reach better price/quality ratio and also max. economic benefits from the machine.

22. June 2011.
Testing: Front tank for carried sprayers

At the beginning of 2011. we announced a development of front tank for carried sprayers. Today, we want to inform you about release of testing machine.

3. March 2010.
Sprayer 800 3R and hidraulic operating spraying booms

The most important news on this sprayer is new design of spraying booms with complete hidraulic operating system which is providing simplicity of opening but also a great functionality.

5. February 2009.
Trailed sprayers

Professional trailed agriculture sprayers available in capacities of 2000 lt, 3000 lt, 3700 lt and 4400 lt. Trailed sprayers are designed for advanced users and for big farm areas.