Mistblowers | Orchard sprayers

3. February 2012.
Trailed mistblower 1500 PROFI

We released a new model of trailer mistblower (orchard and vineyard sprayer) as a result of suggestions and critics of our current and potential clients. Our main goal was to design and build a machine for advanced and professional users who are expecting the best machine perfomances.
Many thanks to all of our clients who helped us with suggestions and giving us a hint how to improve details to have better spraying application and to reach better price/quality ratio and also max. economic benefits from the machine.

3. January 2012.
Ultrasound sensor spraying system

Ultrasound sensor spraying system becomes more and more popular. Main advantage is a possibility to avoid empty spaces in orchards (between trees). With ultrasound sensor spraying system you’re able to reduce chemical product costs, but also very important benefit is to keep an operator focused on driving a tractor!

31. December 2011.
Announcement: Herbicide sprayer in vineyards and orchards

Spraying of herbicide zone in vineyards and orchards

The tendency and trends to reduce a number of passes through vineyard or orchard and general need for cost-savings bring us to a product for a spraying herbicide zone simultaneously with mistblower spraying process.
Machine uses an electric pump as a general drive and power and it’s own separate tank (100-200 lt). There a couple of boom available:

a standard one with manual height and width adjusting
hidraulic models for lifting up and down and horizontal width adjusting
vertical tilt adjusting also available

There are two nozzles on …

27. December 2011.
Mistblowers for walnuts and hazelnuts spraying

Walnuts and hazelnuts spraying is very specific spraying process and requires a specific spraying machine. Most important technical requirements are spraying height and width and especially air power and capacity (m3/h). For this purpose we create and offer a specific blower units which can reach a spraying height of 7-8 meters.

9. March 2010.
Trailed mistblowers 600 – 3000 lt

Trailed mistblowers are suitable for fruit plantation (orchards, vineyards, olive grove). Main advantages in comparison to mounted mistblowers are larger capacities (working autonomy) and smaller tractor power requirements.

6. July 2009.
Mounted orchard sprayers from 200 – 1000 lt

Two types of mistblowers (orchard sprayers) capacity from 200 to 1000 liters. At the moment current types are:

Mounted 3R mistblowers
Mounted S mistblowers